Daron D. Fraley
Daron is the creator of Thirty-Six and author of the first book in the multi-author series. Originally from Wyoming, Daron has lived in the Midwest and in many towns and cities in the Mountain States region.

Writer by night, Senior Data Center Engineer by day, he has traveled to more than half of the biggest cities in the United States, one of his favorites being Chicago. The architecture, the people, and the regional foods all fascinate him. But his favorite places on earth are those where he can relax, think, and dream.

Not yet an expert world traveler, he has been to France, Switzerland, the Bahamas, St. Thomas, San Juan, St. Martin, Canada, and Mexico. He loves the Caribbean, and wonders how a small-town boy from Wyoming ever got the chance to fall in love with the ocean.

Published works include novels/novellas Thirty-Six, The Thorn, and Son of Liberty, and short story collections Promised and Water and Other Stories.

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Anthony Dutson
Anthony Dutson is an award-winning author of science fiction and fantasy. He entered his first writing contest in fifth grade and walked home with the first-place prize: a haunted house made out of graham crackers. In 1977, he was the last kid in his neighborhood to see Star Wars and still bears the scars. He continued writing short fiction and was encouraged by many of his writing teachers to submit his work for publication, but didn’t until much later. He was, however, fortunate enough to enroll in the first creative writing class ever offered at Mountain Crest High School.

He graduated in 2001 from Utah State University in Technical and Professional Communication. Also in that year, he received his first rejection letter for a short story he submitted to Dragon magazine. It was rejected because the ending was too abrupt (he was reading Ambrose Bierce at the time) and didn’t follow the D & D game mechanics.

In addition to writing short stories, Anthony is currently working on two novels that keep his imagination flowing. He participates in two writing groups and is a member of Authors Incognito. He is an avid reader and enjoys the works of authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Bradbury, David Wolverton, Tracy Hickman, Orson Scott Card, Terry Pratchett, Jonathan Maberry, and Jasper Fforde.

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Jared Garrett
jaredgarrettJared Garrett is a family man raising six kids with his best friend and wife of two decades. He’s been telling lies in story form since he was thirteen. Recently relocated from Utah to Seattle, he has worked in education and corporate training for years, delivering training globally for Amazon for the last 1.5 years. He had an odd childhood in a nomadic cult, which he left at seventeen. He’s worked as a firefighter, a BBQ restaurant manager, a bellman, and as a rubber vulcanizing engineer, among many others. His stories have been nominated for and won several awards, including First Place in the Vera Hinckley Mayhew contest in Utah and Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest. His favorite authors are Stephen King, Terry Pratchett, Robert Ludlum, Katherine Paterson, Douglas Adams, Patricia McKillip, Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, and many more. If you ask him where his story ideas come from, be prepared for a lengthy discussion about inspiration dust, hauling a towel wherever you go, and dogs. Lots and lots of dogs. No, seriously. Dogs.

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Gregg Luke
Gregg Luke was born in Bakersfield, California but spent the majority of his youth in Santa Barbara, California. He served an LDS mission in Wisconsin, then pursued his education in Biologic Sciences SBCC, UCSB, and BYU. He completed his schooling at the University of Utah, College of Pharmacy.

In addition to his pharmacy practice, Gregg is an avid reader and writer. He has published in Skin Diver Magazine, the Oceanographic Letter, Destiny Magazine, Pharmacy Times, and the New Era. His fictional novels include The Survivors, Do No Harm, Altered State, Blink Of An Eye, and Bloodborne.

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